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The Mask of Time

Your Crew takes on a Museum Heist to obtain the Mask of Time; an item rumoured to have mystical powers providing its owner with health, wealth and immortality.  A guard has been bribed giving you a 60 minute window of opportunity and thanks to a forgetful curator who has left himself many clues on how to get into his office as well as deactivating the security systems, everything you need to pull of the heist is located in the museum.  Difficulty: Moderate.  Minimum 4 to Maximum 10 Players.   Booking

Roll The Bones

In the Underground Casino of notorious gangster Tony Bones, you go on the run of a lifetime; turning $300 into $1.4 Million.  After shutting down the casino, they tell you for a payout this big; Tony is on his way to ‘Take Care of You Personally’.  When they lock the door, you know you’re in trouble.  You have 60 minutes before your luck runs out for good; you must get into the cashiers cage to open the safe and get the key to escape (of course you also want to get the money before you run).  Difficulty:  Moderate.  Minimum 4 to Maximum 10 Players.     Booking

The Cabin

While on a hike, you rush into a Cabin In the Woods to escape a severe thunderstorm; only discover it is the cabin of a Serial Killer who has rigged a bomb to destroy any intruders along with the evidence of his crimes.  You have 60 minutes to avoid being his next victims by opening the bomb case and entering the code to disarm the bomb.  This is a single room experience designed for smaller groups.  Difficulty:  Introductory (with 4 or more players).  Minimum 2 to Maximum 6 Players.   Booking

Global Human Extinction

In the Science Lab of virologist-gone-mad Dr. Viktor Haussen; you must complete his challenge within 60 minutes to prevent the release of a genetically enhanced supervirus that will cause a global pandemic and kill every human being on the planet.  Difficulty: Moderate.  Minimum 4 to Maximum 10 Players.  Booking

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